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Volunteer Opportunities

Children's Ministry Team
Each Sunday morning, there are many children in nursery, preschool, and elementary Encounter Kids. Volunteers help care, teach, and guide our Encounter Kids in the Gospel.
If you'd like to volunteer with children's ministry team, please email
Guest Experience Team
Whether it's a regular attender or a visitor, each person who walks into our Sunday service needs to be greeted! We strive to create an atmosphere that is welcoming, comfortable, and helps everyone feel at home. Volunteers will greet, hand out bulletins, and connect with visitors.
If you'd like to volunteer with the guest experience team,  please email

Worship Team
Worship team members arrive early on Sunday mornings to practice the songs for that service. We desire for worship to connect our church with God.
If you'd like to volunteer with the worship team, please email

Production Team
Our production team works behind the scenes to provide significant creative elements to the service, such as, sound, lights, and slides.
If you'd like to volunteer with the production team, please email

Prayer Team
We need people who are willing to pray for our church, its members/visitors, and our mission.
If you'd like to volunteer with the prayer team, please email

Media Team
From graphics and the website to social media, our church needs creative people who are excited to serve the church with their gifts.
If you'd like to volunteer with the media team, please email

Operations Team
Software, systems, and keeping track of details requires volunteers who are equipped in administration or operations.
If you'd like to volunteer with the operations team, please email
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