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The great 20th century church statesman and theologian, William Temple, said, "The Church is the only society that exists for the benefit of those who are not its members." As the Encounter church community we are committed to reaching, loving and serving our neighbors both locally and globally through strategic long-standing partnerships with like-minded organizations.  We cannot speak highly enough of what they have accomplished and continue to do in their respective communities.  It is an honor and privilege to lock arms with them in the Kingdom mission.


Cru Ohio State has been a campus ministry for over 50 years.  Click HERE for more info about CRU OSU.


Learning Center
Cruz Blanca

The learning Center in Cruz Blanca serves the local community. Click HERE for more info



Festa is Serving Our Neighbors, ending poverty through life-changing relationships with neighbors and God. We work together to mobilize communities, build relationships and connect people across socio-economic, cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious barriers. Our flagship programs, 3-Generation Family ESL and Festa Free Summer Lunch Camp, help lift children and families out of poverty, in this generation!


Click HERE for more info.

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